H4E – your portal to Holland!

To start a new life in a foreign country is exciting but costs a lot of energy.Everything is new, everything is different, the language is difficult; you don’t know where to find the grocery store meanwhile your kids have to start the new school…and ohhhh, you haven’t an internet connection yet! Does it sounds familiar? I bet so.

We offer all services and support to expats moving to the Netherlands.

Tailor made, in your own language.

How to register at the town hall or which school to choose for your children, where to find an electrician or how to read correspondence in Dutch…you name it and we will solve it.

H4E specifically covers Rotterdam and surroundings and the Randstad area in general(Rotterdam / Amsterdam / Den Haag).

For people moving to other areas of the Netherlands, you can always contact H4E and we will check the possibilities.

You can contact H4E even before moving to The Netherlands, we will accompany you every step of the way.

Let us make Holland your home!

H4E standard services 

  • Installation of utilities
  • Searching for a doctor
  • Opening a bank account
  • Registration to town hall
  • Request of the Social Security Number
  • Contact with the immigration office
  •  Car import procedure
  • Driver’s license changing procedure
  • Knowing the surroundings (Randstad)
  • Shopping trip to the main Dutch cities
  • Children’s activities
  • Finding Schools
  • Reading correspondence in Dutch (from bank, insurances, utility etc.)
  • Looking for leisure and free time activities in many foreign languages
  •  A network of expats/friends

H4E offers this and much more. You can always contact H4E for a tailor made offer or you can choose one of our packages

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